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I know building and creating a wild rice company isnít very common. Itís a very relationship-based and time demanding industry, but itís also a passion. I love the history and culture of the Native Americans and how they began harvesting wild rice. Their stories, beliefs and traditions regarding wild rice are fascinating. Itís also an industry that continues to evolve. From being sought after with paddles and canoes to being machine-harvested with combines, northern Minnesota (MN) and Canadian grown wild rice are special products we all love and are passed down from generation to generation.Greek Philosopher Plato is credited with the saying "Necessity is the mother of invention." I had worked many years at a career that kept me away from home nights and evenings. I definitely felt the need to be at home with my wife Joy and our children Jennifer, Melissa, and Joshua.

Another wise person, my sister Jan Fenson, said, "you will be more successful in your career if you choose to work at something you enjoy." I enjoyed working with youth as I had served as a volunteer youth director at the Evangelical Free Church of Bemidji, MN for 17 years. My education, background and aptitude had been in the business field. Combining business with youth work became a "no brainer" for me.

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Fundraising for most youth workers, coaches, advisors, and parents is frustrating at best. This necessary evil was filled with products that were overpriced and/or of little value. I felt much of the frustration could be taken away if groups had a fair priced, highly valued product with a long shelf life. That product grew right in my home area of Northern Minnesota . . . wild rice! Could we get this great product to youth throughout the U.S. at a price where they could raise their needed funds and allow their customers to purchase it at a fair price? Our research came back with a resounding answer of YES!

The new Bahr family venture needed a name. The name came from my initials, K.C., for Kent Clifford (Bahr). Clifford is also my fatherís name, so it has special family meaning. Our goal was to provide the best products, at the best prices, with the best service. KC's BEST Wild Rice was born in February 1994.

We developed packaging, met government requirements and sourced out the finest Minnesota grown wild rice. Joyís tried and true favorite wild rice recipes were incorporated in our packaging. We soon found ourselves assisting those first fundraisers. However, area businesses wanted our products. They liked our honest, no pressure, way of doing business. Just provide quality wild rice at the most competitive prices in a fast and efficient manner. Restaurants, grocery stores and gift shops soon became the concentration of our business.

KC's BEST continued to grow. Many people asked how they could get our wild rice if they werenít near a store that sold it. That question was answered by developing our online store.

We wish we could get to know each and everyone of you, our valued customers. You are invaluable to us and we want to thank each and every one of you for your using KC's BEST wild Rice. Most of all we would like to thank God for taking the needs of our family and blessing it beyond our imagination! May God bless you and yours beyond your wildest dreams too!

When you think of northern Minnesota and wild rice Ė think KCís Best!

Kent C. Bahr
KC's BEST Inc.
President & CEO

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